People Development

At People Strategy Partners, LLC, we build genuine relationships with our clients. 

The 1st stage of designing a development program is implementing a survey of needs (informally and/or formally) from people and feedback of what has been working and not working in the past. We know it’s vital to talk with people individually and in groups for feedback throughout the process. We ensure the buy-in of staff, management, and leadership through rapport building.

The 2nd stage is deciding what software program(s) and/or other resources will be utilized. People Strategy Partners, LLC can customize OD assessments to match your cultural needs and maximize your investments.

The 3rd stage is designing several different programs if needed that include details of the process.

The 4th stage is estimating the cost and deciding how to analyze the program for the ROI.

The 5th stage is implementing and tracking the programs to see if any tweaking needs to be done.

The 6th stage is to evaluating and communicating the results of the program to cement the buy-in of participants.

The 7th stage is anchoring the new programs into the organizational culture.