Crisis & People Risk Assessment/Management

People Strategy Partners, LLC screens potential candidates for high paying & high-risk positions, as well as strategy to limit risky behavior! We also provide specialized assessments, coaching and support for your people during a corporate crisis.

Lack of crisis planning can have devastating effects on a business. Nonetheless, even with the best of planning, your people will need extra support and guidance during a crisis. 

In the last couple of decades alone, employees at various companies around the globe who have been reckless and greedy have caused the loss of millions and sometimes billions of dollars. Losses and continued risky behavior lead to record financial losses for organizations. Those losses also lead to an array of other problems like layoffs, negative impact to the public, and unbelievable losses for investors. In other cases of unethical and immoral behavior by employees, there was a direct loss of human life. A corporate crisis can lead to poor decision making and further financial losses without the proper support.