Wayne McClellan And Chez Cristiano


People Strategy Partners, LLC will enhance & transform organizations around the globe to optimize your employees’ overall well-being and performance while boosting the financial health of your organization.


People Strategy Partners, LLC is an organizational development and HR consulting firm. Our leadership founded this company with the belief that organizations should be able to hire high-quality consultants with a wide range of experience without breaking the bank. Our consultants seek to inspire our clients not only to thrive but also to evolve their organization, in order to outperform the expectations of their people, leaders, and customers and outlast their fiercest competitors.

Dr. Chez Cristiano


Chez ChristianoDr. Chez Cristiano is the Global VP of Organizational Development and HR, EMEA & The Americas at People Strategy Partners, LLC. He has been a OD/HR executive and consultant for almost 12 years, since the company’s founding in 2007 and transformation in 2017. Dr. Cristiano is a US and EU Citizen. He has a BA, MA, and doctorate in psychology and has studied human and organizational behavior. He has lived and worked in Asia, Europe, and the US. Dr. Cristiano is passionate about organizational & people development, management, and transformation. He believes that Organizational Development (like psychology) is a mix of science and creativity. Understanding the human factor behind statistics and analysis has been a key factor in his success.

He has designed Transformation Models, Talent Acquisition Screening Process, Work Burnout Screener, GoldenTree Employee Engagement Survey (multiple languages), an Assessment & Development Center and many other customized assessments. He has been instrumental in the strategy, design, and implementation of OD projects across diverse industries and multi-national organizations.

Dr. Cristiano is able to achieve global team collaboration, efficiency, and productivity through enhanced knowledge of global work cultures, positive engagement strategy, transparency, & high-level of communication skills. He is a savvy strategist in assessing organizational weaknesses and formulating high-level, multi-faceted plans to address them. He is also an articulate project leader who can gain the support for all levels of an                                                                                       organization for successful changes.

Dr. Wayne McClellan


Dr. Wayne McClellanDr. Wayne McClellan is an Advisor for People Strategy Partners, LLC. He spent 23+ years as an HR Executive before deciding to return to graduate school to earn a Master’s and Doctorate in Psychology. He previously earned a Master’s in Counseling and one in Communications and Marketing.

Dr. McClellan has been a key participant for 50+ mergers and acquisitions. He led the HR integration of 2 regional health care systems with combined revenues of $1.2 billion and 15,000 employees with 25 locations in the US. He has worked with coaching expats around the world. He was the first US Executive to work with the Vietrade Office in Manhattan, NY for international trade and business development. He held various HR Corporate Management and Consultant positions while working in telecommunications, resort/hotel, real estate development, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and chemical industries.

His extensive experience in the corporate world has been integral in creating plans for business development and strategy.