People Wellness

Is your current workload and schedule sustainable?

Work Burnout is one of the biggest problems facing most organizations around the globe. It leads to emotional and medical problems and has a huge financial and negative impact for the individual and the organization as a whole. Preventing work burnout should be a top priority at your organization!

People Strategy Partners, LLC will assess your current health programs and create a new organizational health strategy. We provide individual assessments, health coaching, and group seminars. Download the Work Burnout Screener on this page for free.

Organizations that promote and support healthier lifestyles for their employees have happier staff that are more productive and less absent from work. This cannot be achieved by simply sending out memos and newsletters or the occasional health fair at work. Healthier habits and lifestyles require a commitment within the organizational culture!

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People Crisis Management

People Strategy Partners, LLC provides specialized assessments and coaching
in-person or virtually for your people during a crisis. 

A crisis can have devastating effects on people’s mental and physical health. Distress, the negative form and the opposite of eustress, is a continuous experience of feeling overwhelmed, oppressed, and behind in our responsibilities. Acute distress can cause various problems like a lowered immune system, sleeping problems, anxiety, headaches, muscle aches, gastro-intestinal problems (stomach ache, heartburn, etc.), fatigue, and short-term memory loss. We will provide your people with the support and guidance during a crisis.